Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gray Days

coat, Cactus Flower (old)
vintage dress, thrifted
vintage shoes, Krispy Fringe
hat, thrifted
bag, UO (old)
When we were kids, my brother Alex and I used to say, "I feel like November" when we were feeling glum. I come from a family of seasonal affective disorder sufferers who need the sun in order to be halfway decent human beings. It wasn't until I moved to Chicago that I've been able to shake the winter blues, as there is always something lovely to see in the city. Even on damp and colorless days like this one, the lake's waves are still comforting, and the beach provides a peaceful place to unwind after a whirlwind week of election-related anxiety and wine drinking. I'm so glad all the political nonsense is over for now, and we can all get back to arguing about the things that really matter, like, who's sexier, Don Draper or Joan Holloway, and which shitty bar should we throw our money at on New Year's Eve.


  1. You're an amazing model! (Hope I'm not coming across creepy.)

  2. Not creepy at all! You made my day. Thanks for reading!