Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clyde's Rebirth

(photo by Merl Kinzie)

If there is one good thing about posting pictures of your outfits and sharing bits of your life on the internet, it's getting to meet people with similar interests, senses of humor, and number of cats. Lately I've had the pleasure of getting to know fellow Chicagoan and jewelry designer, Merl Kinzie, and her gang of equally beautiful and talented gal pals. Along with owning dance floors and handling her whiskey like a boss, Merl designs and makes the prettiest adornments. Her line, Clyde's Rebirth, features necklaces, bracelets, and bodychains (!) that range in size and price, from delicate bolo tie-inspired necklaces like I'm wearing above (it's a bolo AND a necklace! It's like she designed it just for me), to bold, bib necklaces that make a plain tee look glamorous. The best part about her jewelry is that it's all made from recycled materials, so you'll look Stevie Nicks cool without contributing to the waste big box stores create. Donning a Clyde's Rebirth original is a win for Earth, and win for Merl, and a win for me, because giving Merl money helps pay for her nights out with me, which I'm a fan of.

Check out her spring/summer lookbook that just launched yesterday to ogle the baubles and foxy babes who modeled them (or get my 29th birthday gift out of the way by heading straight to her online shop and purchasing the Marguerite. Whichever).

Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your lookbook, Merl! And for posting the least offensive of my outtake photos. You're too kind.

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  1. awwww shit, I mean shucks. thank you for spreading the word and letting me photograph that purdy mug! now, more importantly.. when are the celebratory drinks and dance floor shenanigans happening?!