Wednesday, April 17, 2013


shades, vintage from Suburban Secrets / necklace, gift from Merl Kinzie / tee, Everlane / coat, vintage / jeans, handmedown & DIY / shoes, Clarks

If it wouldn't embarrass her so, I'd include a photo of my mother from her high school days to show how much we look alike when wearing huge 70's sunglasses. Hers were much cooler than mine though, because hers had her name, Beth, engraved into the bottom of the left lens. She inherited her love of glasses from my great grandmother, who worked as an optician and owned at least a dozen pairs herself. When my mom asked for rose tinted glasses with her name engraved on them for Christmas, my grandfather thought it was ridiculous. "No one asks for glasses for Christmas!" Expect now I do, too. 

This coat, given to me by Mike's mom, is one of my favorite pieces. While I don't wear it often (it makes a statement that's a little too loud for my typical day), I love that she wore it at the height of this style's popularity. It's definitely one of those pieces everyone identifies with the 60's, and I'm glad she had the mind to keep it in such good condition and hang on to it all these years. Wearing what I see as a fashion relic makes me look at my closet and wonder what future generations will deem quintesentially millennial. What will make them say, "Holy shit, that's soooo 2013?" I hope to god it's not neon. 


  1. the whole look is awesome. but really crushing on your jeans.

    cake & valley

    ps love the location too.

  2. Thank you! It was a super easy DIY. Just dip the legs in a bucket of bleach, let sit for 30 minutes, and wash. BOOM. DIY dip dye jeans.

  3. This is a DIY I might be able to maneuver! That fringe jacket + the glasses + bleached jeans..I love it so.