Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sea Creatures

(shades, ModCloth / headscarf,vintage / dress, vintage / jacket, Zara / sandals / Nine West (older style) / bag, vintage)

I didn't notice that my dress was covered in crustaceans and coral (and maybe even jellyfish) until I uploaded these photos. When I stumbled upon it in Suburban Secrets, what I was mostly drawn to was its shirt dress silhouette. Colors are always an afterthought for me, as I can find a way to like just about any shade as long as the fit of the garment is right. I decided to play up the 60's vibe and embrace what heat and humidity does to my hair, which is to make it humongous. The scarf and winged liner made me feel like an extra on Mad Men. I'm still available, Mr. Weiner. Any time. 

Anyway, this ended up being the perfect outfit for me and Mike's impromptu date night, as we visited a little Japanese cafe whose decor hasn't been updated since the middle part of the last century. The food was absolutely incredible, though. No sushi, just old fashioned, Japanese home style bowls of various meats and rice, and those sticky rice balls stuffed with ume (a kind of plum) that you "eat like a cheeseburger," the chef told us. If you're in my neighborhood and want some fast, filling, Japanese comfort food, go to Sunshine Cafe on Clark. Order the rice balls, and don't you dare use your chopsticks. 


  1. I love this look on you!! You do vintage so well. I continue to be amazed and/or super jealous of your beautiful hair.

  2. Love the colors! Catherine is right; you do vintage SO well. If I thought I'd look that good I'D be wearing vintage all the time!! LOL
    As always, I look forward to and enjoy reading your blog.

  3. love that dress! my parents used to take me to sunshine cafe when i was younger. i just remember all the fake food in the windows!

  4. You do look like you could easily be on Mad Men. The 60s style suits you so well as do all those colors! I wish I lived closer to try the Japanese place, I love meats and rice!