Friday, June 21, 2013

Day Dress

(shades, Anthro / dress, vintage & thrifted / sandals, Sam Edelman / bag, vintage)

I'm going to put my usual self deprecation and loathing aside for a moment and say that I love this dress and think I look fucking fabulous in it. My mother-in-law, Dorreen, found it at the Salvation Army in Gary, and it's exactly what I've been looking to add to my closet this summer. Easy cotton dresses are so much more comfortable than jean shorts, in my opinion, and get you compliments from old ladies in the grocery store. 
Last night at Trader Joe's I was stopped by a very kind senior citizen in a charming straw hat who told me she just bought fabric to make a dress just like mine. Then she said all the clothes they sell in stores today are just shit, just straight up shit made of god-know-what that falls apart after one wear. "Preach," I said, nodding in agreement. 

If I'm lucky I'll be just like her one day; a well-dressed, foul-mouthed old woman with a cart full of chocolate who makes a young woman's day by complimenting her thrift store dress.