Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Golden Hour

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Mike and I took a walk last night for some ice cream (and bread pudding for him), and just caught the golden hour. I love how every evening the light peeks through the tree canopy that covers every street in my neighborhood. It reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in Indiana, where the trees were bigger than the houses and I liked it that way.

Speaking of Indiana, my little brother is taking the train from Indianapolis to visit me this weekend! I can't wait to squish his little face, even though it now sits on top of a 6'2" body. I haven't spend a whole lot of time with Andy away from our parents, since he's nearly a decade younger than I am. I regret that, because my brother Alex and I have so much fun hanging out, just us two. When Mike and I talk about how many kids we want some day, it's always at least two, as I feel siblings are one of the most important relationships one will ever have. Who else will you know your (and their) entire life? Who has seen you at your best, and your absolute worst? In high school there were times I'd fantasize about Alex going off to boarding school, and take pleasure in imagining him miserable, homesick, and scared. Then the next weekend I'd help him clean up after a party he wasn't supposed to have, because who else was going to teach this dumbass that you can't clean too much, or your parents will know you're trying to cover something up? 

One of the last times my brothers and I were all together was over Christmas a couple years ago. Mike was the thrower in a game of 500 (where you shout out a number between 1 and 500, throw a football, and whoever catches it gets those points) out back by my family's barn. I can't compete with them in that game, as they're both a foot taller than me, so I just try to keep them from getting points by tackling them. As Mike threw what could have been the winning points, I moved out in front, positioning them in front of a sticker bush. As they were reaching out to catch the ball, I fell backward, grinning like a fool, taking them with me. 

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