Wednesday, August 21, 2013


photos by Megan W Photography

Since today marks three years of wedded bliss with my dude, I thought I'd share some of our engagement photos. I think I love these even more than our wedding photos, since we look more like ourselves. Our photographer also let us geek out a bit and recreate some famous photos of celebrity couples. Can you guess which ones and who?

Mike, you're the best husband this crazy cat lady could ask for. You get me Thai take out and rub my feet after long runs, you let the dog sleep at the foot of the bed even though that's where your feet go, and frequently make me spit out my beer in fits of laughter. I love you, I'm proud of you, and I'm proud of us. Here's to many more. 


  1. These photos are beautiful, congrats on three years!

  2. Dang you guys are too damn adorable! I adore these photos and knowing they truly convey how you guys are together:) Happy 3rd!!

  3. I am obsessed with you both! SO ADORABLE :) Congratulations on three years!

  4. omg I literally squealed and awwwwwed out loud through this entire post. and then forgot for ONE second I'm friends with you and thought "these people need to be in my life." and then I remembered you will not only be in my life but all up in my cat hair covered apt on Sunday. in other words THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND YOU HILARIOUS PAINFULLY GORGEOUS WITTY WOMAN.

    oh yeah and bring cheese. <3