Tuesday, September 24, 2013


hat, Market Supply Co / shirt & shoes, thrifted / bag & belt, vintage / jeans, Levi's

It's been so long since I've worn something worth dragging Mike out of the house for pictures. Actually, I've just been wearing various of the above theme, but yesterday I wore proper shoes and a belt, so I'm deeming this "put together." 

I was so excited to debut these jeans on the blog, as I thought I finally found a pair that fit perfectly right out of the store. How wrong I was. The minute I loaded these photos onto my decrepit Dell I saw it: the evil denim crotch bunching that happens when your butt wears a different (i.e. larger) size jean than your waist. Sigh. To the tailor they go. I wish clothes were still made like they were in my favorite childhood books, Anne of Greene Gables and the entire Little House series. In those books there was always at least one scene where the ladies would go to the general store, choose a fabric they liked, then have a dress made to their measurements. I loved that purchasing clothes was such a special occasion. I also loved the part when Anne Shirley broke a slate over Gilbert's head. I think if it weren't for the lack of television, gender equality, and sterile medical equipment, I would have really liked living in 1908. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

To the Market

glasses, BonLook / sweater, First Ladies Vintage / top, Everlane / necklace, gift from Clyde's Rebirth / pants, vintage / shoes, Sergio Rossi via a garage sale (score!) / bag, vintage 

Well, it's Fall. Fuck. If I have to freeze my ass off and can't prance around Chicago in short shorts anymore, I'm going to do so in comfy sweaters like this one. I scooped it up at our neighborhood garage sale last week, from an adorable vintage seller named Niki. The plan was to give it to my husband, but once I put it on there was no way he was getting his giant hands on it. I mean, it's a sweater, shaped like a jacket. With gold buttons. The person who knit it 50 years ago must have had me in mind. 

We snapped the above photos before heading to Pilsen to celebrate the opening of Market Supply Co, an awesome vintage general store with a twist conceived by my dears Merl, Karyn, and Mike (yeah, they're sister wives). I knew I'd be impressed with their new storefront, but holy shit. This vintage store/barber shop/jewelry studio is a dream come true for anyone with good taste. Men and women's clothes, shoes, and accessories from decades past adorn the industrial fixtures and rustic wooden accent walls, while Merl's one of a kind pieces dress up the displays and expertly modernize the vintage wears. She'll even make a custom piece for you or your special lady, just ask! It's a wonderfully well-curated place you should definitely check out. And take me with you when you do.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

dress and bag, vintage / sandals, Sam Edelman / sunglasses, Anthro

I found this funny handmade dress at an estate sale, hanging all by her lonesome after other vintage buyers had already picked through all the fancy cocktail frocks. Usually if you show up late to an estate sale, you can kiss you chances of scoring anything notable goodbye. Good thing this dress looks like a sad sack muumuu on the hanger. Well, perhaps it does a bit in person as well, but it has pockets and I didn't have to shave my legs to wear it. Which reminds me, I need to add a couple of choice tunes to my karaoke repertoire...