Tuesday, October 22, 2013


hat, Goorin Bros / dress, vintage / jacket, vintage / bag, vintage / boots, Clarks

Despite the chill, I thought it'd be nice to head outside and show you all my favorite spot in Chicago. I've spent hours this summer running down this soft gravel path with my dog, Ramona. It's one of the few places in the city where you can actually feel alone for a minute. Sometimes I kick off my running shoes and run through these trees barefoot. I get some funny looks for doing so, but it really is the best feeling. When people tell me that they hate to run or can't stick with it because they get bored, I tell them to try it without shoes. You'll not only feel like a kid again, but it's hard to get bored when you're on the lookout for sharp objects and dog shit. 

I'll move on to the outfit before I wax poetic about distance running again. While I hate fall and the majority of things that come with it (pumpkin-flavored everything, my plants dying, cold hardwood floors, having to listen to everyone talk about how much they #omglovefall...) I will give three cheers for hat season. I was lucky enough to nab this one at Goorin Bros sample sale, where some kind strangers and I took turns telling each other, "Now that is the hat for you. Seriously, it looks so good." Hat people are a special breed, and I'm starting to believe you're either born one or you aren't. Take my brothers, for example. The second you put a lid on their heads, it invokes hearty belly laughs from everyone within in a three-block radius. They just look, I don't know, goofy I guess, and because they know this they cringe at the very suggestion they put one on. My husband, too, looks funny in hats, taking on the air of an old timey umpire or a very nerdy and embarrassing dad. Whether it's genetics (it's not) or my deep appreciation for quality cranial attire, my hat collection is what's going to get me through the winter. Well, hats, The Walking Dead, and lots of red wine.


  1. That last photo??? Amazing. And I am sorry to say but this hat really is the hat for you. ;)