Tuesday, October 8, 2013


shirt, jacket, belt, bag, and hedgehog collar clips (squee!!!), vintage / glasses, BonLook / jeans, Levi's / shoes, thrifted Cole Haan

You know what's really awesome about no longer having a 9 to 5 gig? Matinees. You'd think it would be not having a boss, but no, the best part about working for yourself is having the freedom to spend an afternoon with your husband and Woody Allen in an empty movie theatre. Yesterday we went trekked to The Logan Theatre to see Blue Jasmine, which I think made me more uncomfortable and anxious than Gravity. In a good way! He seems to have reached another prime in his advanced age, and his writing has a refreshing sense of urgency. He doesn't waste time to get to the raw stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love the famous Woody Allen banter as much as the next nerd, but it's the take-no-prisoners style of editing, the pared down, sparse, leave-nothing-but-the-crucial-shit writing style I love the most. To me, being able to be honest with your work and be strong enough to make the necessary cuts is what separates the goods writers from the greats. I suppose that's why you won't find any Jane Austen on my bookshelves. I won't deny that Mr. Darcy makes me swoon, but had Elizabeth Bennet and her sister had just told those guys that their wishy washy behavior wasn't cute and if they didn't stop wasting their time they were going to bed a couple of hot soldiers, I would have liked the story a lot more. I digress. The point is, Blue Jasmine was great and Woody Allen needs to adapt Pride and Prejudice. 

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  1. I have yet to see Blue Jasmine, but it's on my list. I think not being inside all day and being able to enjoy life (watch movies!) at your own pace is a HUGE perk. I am daily working toward making this a reality for myself. There is not a freelance job I turn down at this point. The more the merrier...Then maybe it will be easier when I do walk away? I hope? And, you look darling of course. Have I said that yet?