Thursday, November 21, 2013

About Face

hat, Goorin Bros / coat, vintage Pendleton / silk blouse, vintage / cardigan, vintage / pants, AA / shoes, Loeffler Randall / purse, vintage

So you may have noticed that in one of the above photos I'm not wearing my glasses. That's not because I don't actually need them (my vision is about on par with an amphibious cave dweller), but because I actually wore eye makeup and I wanted you to see it. Yes, that tiny thin line of eyeliner is what I consider "done up," though it's now apparent to me that you can't really notice it unless you stand 10 inches from my face, which is, not so coincidentally, the distance between myself and the mirror as I put it on. I'd like to get better at this whole makeup/hair/looking-like-I-give-a-shit thing, but it's hard when you're a nerdy tomboy and have very little experience applying makeup that isn't designed to make you look like a zombie. I guess until fake infected wounds hit the runway I'll just have to keep practicing my cat eye.  

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  1. I appreciate the subtle eye make up and your flawless skin. Bitch.