Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moss On The Rocks

hat, vintage Ralph Lauren / sunglasses, Anthro / car coat, vintage Pendleton / denim shirt, thrifted / trousers, vintage Bill Blass / boots, vintage Eddie Bauer

Oops! Sorry for the accidental radio silence. Guess I've been busy lately preparing for the holidays. I mean, my winter weight is not going to pack itself on and who else is going to knit everyone socks again if I don't? Right, exactly. Super busy. Anyhow, I've really only been wearing my Bruce Springsteen t-shirt and this coat anyway, so you haven't missed much. I found this coat on a recent trip back to my hometown while wandering the aisles of the local antique mall with my mom. I normally opt for a longer coat since Chicago is colder than a witch's tit (sorry, I saw the opportunity to slip in some hillbilly jargon and had to take it), but I fell in love with this coat's warmth, mossy green color, and minimal silhouette. And since I couldn't afford the $600 antique kerosene chicken incubator I wanted and the $1,500 dollars a month I'd need for an apartment large enough to house it, I settled for a wonderful coat I'll wear for the rest of my life, and then be buried in. Just kidding, I'm going to be cremated then have a sky writer spell obscenities in the sky with my ashes. 


  1. Fuck, I love this outfit and these photos, especially that last photo. I'm laughing a little too hard at work right now over your cremation plans

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