Monday, December 30, 2013

Dark and Stormy

hat, Goorin Bros / sweater, skirt, and coat, vintage / boots, Zara / necklace, Clyde's Rebirth / bag, old UO

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and have been dutifully increasing your alcohol tolerance level for New Year's Eve. I had a wonderful Christmas with my family that included cooking/ long talks with my mom, a marathon game of Cards Against Humanity with my dad and his wife who is way too cool for him, morning runs with cows, and doing all the dishes at my grandparents to earn extra points in their will. Speaking of those old people I know, they gifted me this awesome necklace made by my favorite ginger and queen cat lady, Merl Kinzie. I'm never taking it off, I love it so. My whole family dug it, too. Much more than the Mason Pearson hairbrush I asked for and recieved (thanks again, grandparents!). The idea of a $100 hairbrush is still boggling my grandfather's mind, despite the fact that he spends much more than that on each individual golf club he owns. I kept that observation to myself though, as one of my New Year's resolutions is to stop saying things to people that might get me killed. 

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  1. ok ok OK! dude, I found out about your blog via Miss Moss pinterest and might I say, OMG I LOVE YOUR FREAKIN BLOG! If you've swung my blog before and I am just noticing you know let me begin by saying i am so sorry, I did not realize you were so rad. And if you havent been by the blog, let me still apologize that just feet away from me was such a KICKASS chicago gal like you!!! Anyway I could gush for hours but I think you're just the bee knees! and your outfits have breathed inspiration into me!