Tuesday, March 11, 2014


(hat, tacky beach shop in Florida / sunglasses, Anthro / tee, Zara / shorts and swimsuit, AA)

Yes, I'm back from the beach. No, I'm not happy about it. I think the transition from 73 degrees and sun to 30 degrees and snow was made even worse by picking Devil in the White City as my beach read. It's a fantastic book and on one hand makes me appreciate Chicago's unique beauty even more, but it's also pointing out all the tiresome and gruesome parts about city living. Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing current Chicago to the stock yards and coal clouds of the 19th century. But it is still very grey, very cold, and very filled with crazy people that make me wish I were back at this jetty, climbing the rocks all the way out into the ocean. 

Oh well. Spring can't be too far away, right? Guys?