Thursday, April 17, 2014

At Last

glasses, Eye Spy Optical / blouse, vintage / coat, vintage / jeans, Very Best Vintage / loafers, Lost Girls Vintage / camera bag, vintage

 I can't believe I'm about to say this, but in these photos I actually overdressed for the weather. Hip hip! Seriously though, if it snows one more motherfucking time I'm booking a one-way ticket to California. I've actually been thinking a lot lately about the possibility of living somewhere else, as Chicago's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad winters wreak havoc on my moods and have turned mac-and-cheese into the foundation of my personal food pyramid. BUT. But. This is Chicago. Like that stupid brother who antagonizes you to no end, steals your Chumbawamba CD, drives your car through a corn field then hits you with the vacuum cleaner (yes, Alex, I'm talking about you), Chicago beats you down every day knowing full well you'll forgive by tomorrow. Chicago knows its citizens are suckers. That even after forcing us to wade through exhaust-dusted snow mountains for four months, we'll see the flying vees of those awful Canadian geese come back to take over Lincoln Park and get hopeful. That when they turn off the heat lamps at the El stops, we'll still be fucking freezing, but our hearts will be aflutter. That when those same exhaust-dusted snow mountains melt away to reveal four months of dog shit and trash, our eyes sparkle with possibility. We are all, collectively, Chicago's patsy. And just when we think we've had enough and have decided it's finally time to leave, a warm breeze flies over the lake and into our tiny apartments, carrying the cries of seagulls and memories of summers past along with it. We're once again lured back into her arms, where we collapse on those famously broad shoulders, and she welcomes us home.


  1. You have amazing style! Love the blouse and coat... everything works so well together. Unexpected, quirky and yet harmonious. Dulcie x

  2. Hooray Spring! So lovely!! Such a great color!

  3. Love your penny loafer pictures , please do more.