Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer in the City

hair scarf, AA / 60's reproduction sunnies, Shangri-La Vintage / vintage 60s playsuit 

Long time, no see, friends! My little blogging break was half unintentional, half me not wanting to be photographed with the worst swollen allergy eyes I've had in years. But the allergy season from hell is over and I'm enjoying every waking moment of summer. When not working or *running, these days you'll find me here up on my roof, enjoying the lake breeze and beautiful container garden my mother helped plant. It seems like summer is already going to by too fast, so I'm trying to savor each sunny day, each case of Oberon, each new awkward tan line. I hope you enjoy these nostalgic-y summer posts, because that's what you're getting until October. 

*So I don't bore those of you who just come here for outfit posts and the occasional cat photo bomb, I started a running blog with a few other lady runners who are also training for this year's Chicago marathon. You can follow our training misadventures here if you'd like! 

1 comment :

  1. All praise the Babiest Of Them All. You look gorgeous, Lora! Such a great playsuit - it was made for you.

    XO Alison