Friday, August 29, 2014

The Right Angle

hat, Goorin Bros / dress, SwaneeGRACE / jacket, thrifted / jewelry, estate sale / sandals, Birkenstock

When I tell people that my husband is from Gary, IN, they all say the same two things; "Murder capital of America!" and "Michael Jackson!" Yes, both were once true at one point, but to reduce an entire city to two simple (and depressing) statements is ignorant, and sometimes hurtful to said husband who grew up on the city's stretch of beautiful Lake Michigan shore. I mean, I could write an essay on how even the most politically correct people's opinions on certain cities have racist roots that they unconsciously or otherwise allow to paint an image of said place and to blame it's problems on the people who currently live there instead of the city's founders and history (i.e. white people and their actions), but this is a fashion blog, and you didn't come here for all that. So instead I'll implore you to take these photos, which were taken on Gary's Miller Beach, and my word for it that every town, like every dumb old fashion blogger, has it's good side. You just have to find the right angle. 

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