Monday, September 15, 2014

Embrace Another Fall

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I know it's a little silly to take photos with your dog, but dammit, we just coordinated so well that day. And, as a childless person, it's kind of nice to have photos of my baby as she ages. I love her new salt-and-pepper muzzle, though I have to admit the thought of her getting old makes me a little weepy on the inside. In addition to being the first dog I've had on my own, she's the most perfect dog on the planet Earth, so my love for her is fairly maternal/obsessive. She's my coworker, marathon training partner, dutiful cat babysitter, and my excuse to leave lame parties early ("I'm sorry, I have to leave to take the dog out, but fantastic party, really."). The day I have to start pulling her arthritic ass around the block in a wagon is not one I look forward to, but when that time comes I'll be happy to do it. Plus, maybe she'll be too slow by then to shake hats off her head. 

p.s. I was going to name this post "Autumn's Eve" but then found this, almost spewed my coffee on my computer in a fit of laughter, and decided against it. 

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  1. This is just the 'effin best. Please start another Instagram series called "Dogs In Hats." Or "Dogs In Hats While Listening to Jazz.' :)

    XO Alison