Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to Haori

It's no secret that I have a love for the dramatic when it comes to clothes. The bigger the sleeves, the better. Feathers, fringe, patterns, textures, sparkles, sequins, fur, leather, lace, and hardware. I'm for it all. Which is why when I found this 

smashed between a bunch of plebeian Forever 21 jackets at the thrift, I was all

The Kimono has all elements I like in a statement piece of clothing: color, shine, luxe fabrics, and as mentioned above, HUGE SLEEVES (see previous post for evidence of my love of large sleeves). I also love to stock kimonos in my shop, as they're a straight up pleasure to photograph. They can, however, be a hard sell, partially due to the aforementioned drama, but also because we Westerners are just plain unfamiliar with them. In an attempt to spread my love for kimono, encourage more people to wear them, and flex my styling muscles (which haven't been used in a while. I'm currently sitting on my couch in sweatpants and a Cubs shirt), I've put together a few different looks to help you incorporate a kimono with pieces you likely already own. First up...

Kimono Casual

vintage Levi's 501s from Rawson via Shudio, necklaces from Clyde's Rebirth, also via Shudio, thrifted Steve Madden boots, vintage tooled leather purse soon to be in my shop, Goorin Bros hat

Boho babes, you've got to wash that baggy macrame sweater sometime, and when you do, reach for a kimono. It dresses up a classic pair of 501s a bit, especially when worn with a brass jewelry stack that compliments the metallic tones in the kimono's print. And as the outer is an earthy, feel-good green, throw on all your brown leather goods and call your outfit made. Take that, Free People. This outfit is the real vintage deal.

While the above is perfect for fetching coffee and hitting on the cutie at the bookstore, the kimono can be used for dressier occasions as well (like when you finally get the courage to ask out said cutie from the bookstore). Enter...

The Carrie Kimono

1960s dress and 1940s shoes, from my shop 
Why is this look called The Carrie Kimono? Because it looks rather bedroomy to me, and there are wonderfully weird shoes involved. In my opinion, no one has done those looks better than Miss Carrie Bradshaw. I know I'm dating myself with that reference, but she's proven herself a fashion reference not to be forgotten.

For this look I flipped the kimono inside out to expose it's amazingly vibrant lining. Because the jacket lapels flip either way, it doesn't look inside out, and adds a needed dose of color to this little black dress from the 1960s. No jewelry leaves room for a wild pair of heels, which you should absolutely be wearing because look how much leg you're showing, girl! You can't wear flats with that kind of leggage. I forbid it. Also, screw pants. I always said this guy was smarter than he looked.

While that last look would be great for "da club" or the sexy, dark kind of restaurants only young 30-somethings take dates to, sometimes occasions happen during which you need to be covered, classy, and grandparent approved. These would be weddings, showers of all kinds except rain, work parties, and uncoupling ceremonies (everything Gweneth Paltrow does catches like wildfire so I'm assuming we'll all be going to these in a few months). For these occasions, I give you...

The Classy Kimono

1950s dress from my shop, 1950s shoes coming soon, 60s clutch from my personal collection

Since haori jackets aren't belted closed like other kimono (they fasten with little ties on the inside, but don't have to be), those looking for a more fitted silhouette could simply take a dress with a matching belt, and wrap it around the outside of the kimono instead of around the dress itself. This makes the kimono a little more feminine, while it's flowy fabric make a conservative 1950s dress a little less stuffy. This outfit is also comprised of only metallics. Since kimonos are typically made of matte or low luster silk, you can pile on all the shiny things without looking like a retiree going to casino night at the senior center. Also, doesn't it make a much more attractive jacket for evening wear than say, a North Face puffer? Ugh. I'm on a tirade about that right now. People (guys are guilty of this too. Puffers and suits don't go!) wearing their utilitarian outerwear over their fancy outfits. IT. HAS. TO. STOP. 

Whew! Well, there you have it. Three ways to wear the hell out of a kimono. If that didn't convince you to find one of your own, tune in next week for my post titled, *"You'd be Happy and Gorgeous Right Now if Only You Had Taken My Advice About the Kimono WHY DOESN'T ANYONE LISTEN TO ME?!"

*working title

Friday, December 11, 2015


(Everything is vintage but the shoes. They're old Loeffer Randal.)

Right after I uploaded these photos I called the salon and booked a hair appointment. I haven't had a haircut in just over a year, partially because I hate getting my haircut but mostly because I don't really notice the state of my hair until someone points in out, but even I can see that it's getting out of control. When your locks are as wide and unruly as this ridiculous jacket's ridiculous sleeves, you know it's time to fix that shit. 

I don't know what I'll do with it yet- probably nothing but a trim. I know we can't blame our mothers for everything, but I swear, a childhood of forced Dorthy Hamills and mullet lites (that's what I call the hair I had from second to third grade. It wasn't quite long enough in the back to be a full blown Joe Dirt, but it wasn't quite not a mullet, either) has made me hesitant to ever changing my hair in a big way. I wish I weren't so scared, as I think it would be awesome to have pink hair, or a side shave with steps, or a mod bowl cut. How do you guys amp yourselves up to try something new? Do you just get drunk beforehand? Do you stop by your weekly fight club meeting? Do you bitch to your mom until she reminds you that bringing you into this world was much more painful than your haircut, so shut the fuck up already? I'm willing to try anything. 

Have a good weekend, dudes. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Migraines and (Party) Monsters

Goorin Bros hat, Clyde's Rebirth necklace, vintage everything else

Because we are transitioning into a new season, my head has once again turned on me. Today is the first one this week I haven't been woken up by a migraine! Oof. And the thing that really gets me about migraines, is that on top of feeling like your head is trapped under a city bus, you can't even distract yourself from the pain, because all light and sound makes you want to barf. Of all the things I could have been afflicted with, migraines really are the worst for a television lover. I still look forward to getting the flu every few years or so just so I have a good excuse to lay on the couch and work through my "must binge" TV list. Plus, I get to lose five pounds without trying and boss my husband around without having to pretend to feel bad about it. The flu fucking rocks, man. 

Anyhow, I'm feeling better and am pumped to celebrate my best bud's birthday all weekend. Last night while talking to my mom, she was telling me about how she and my youngest brother had been discussing introversion and extroversion in an attempt to better understand themselves. They both hate large groups and have to practically be tied down to stay at a big event for longer than 15 minutes. I already knew this about them, but it was interesting to hear it from my mom first hand. It makes me wonder where my inner party monster comes from. Like, I've been looking forward to New Year's Eve since July. And Jill's party this weekend? I already have three outfits planned AND a sweet gettin' ready playlist to jam to while I attempt to apply eyeliner then wash off said eyeliner because I messed it up, then try to apply it again, mess it up again, then wash it off again and just decide to wear glasses. Good times! A life without parties and dinners out and getting into trouble sounds like an episode of How I Met Your Mother to me (that is: pedestrian and boring). But I am glad we're talking about these things, my family and me. It's easy to stop asking the people you've known forever about themselves, because obviously you should already know everything by now, right? People change, though, and one minute your mom is your mom and the next she's one of your best friends who hates going to the club and you're like, BUT WHY?! And then she tells you why and instead of half listening to your parent's personal matters the way you did in your twenties, you really listen, and sympathize, and understand.

I mean, I still think I was mixed up at birth, being the sole extrovert in this clan of Ron Swanson's and all, but I suppose it's helpful to have an understanding of one's captors. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kindness of Strangers

 Wearing 1950s jeans, Pendleton 49er jacket, and blouse. 1980s boots and belt.

Hello! It's been a while since dabbled on the blog. That's partly because I go through phases of, "I hate the word 'blogger'" and, "Is this a productive way to use my time?" and, "What does it say about myself that I like to take my own photos then publish them for all the Subway Jareds and Donald Trump supporters of the world to see?" It's also because, during marathon training time, I'm almost never not sweaty or just showered. Basically between the months of June through November, I constantly have wet hair, and I'm not one of those sleek ladies who can pull off that look. Trust me. But yesterday I got a really nice email from a total stranger, who just wrote to tell me she recently found my blog, likes it, and wants to know where should she shop for vintage in Detroit. I couldn't help her with the Detroit thing, but her kind words gave me the nudge I needed to trade in my pajama pants for jeans. When you work from home long enough, there comes that day when you cannot remember the last time you weren't wearing pajamas. So thanks, Jennifer. I needed that. As did my pajamas. I'm pretty sure I heard them sigh with relief when I took them off.

Speaking of nice strangers, Mike and I sat next to one on a plane a couple weekends ago on our way to Philly. Her name is Elsbeth, and she goes to a very good university in Indiana. Not the top 10 party school that I went to, but one that requires SAT numbers greater than one's height in inches. Anyway, the second I woke up from my plane nap, she asked me if we were famous, as we definitely seemed famous, because we looked very "put together." Then she told me I look like Zooey Deschannel (not true, but sweet), asked what I did for a living, then enthusiastically complimented my business card. She was on her way to Scotland, where she was spending Thanksgiving with her family. Though, later she asked us if we thought she could even get to Scotland, being that she just realized her Passport was expired and all. I told her to go for it, as she was too nice to disappoint with the truth. I hope she was able to go, as her plans sounded rad and while all young people have to learn some lessons the hard way, there is really nothing to be learned from the post office passport line.

Now, I know it's not Christmas's fast approach that is cheering my mood, as I'm still very "bah humbug" about that bitch, but these pleasant interactions with kind strangers are not lost on me. Sometimes I see people I want to give a compliment to, or talk to them about the book they are reading, or ask how the hell they managed to get that vat of acid onto the red line (true story), but I never do in fear I'd be bothering them. Though a card carrying grouch myself, I was anything but bothered at these recent uninvited conversations. I rather enjoyed them (I'm still surprised by this though)! Maybe it's time I stop worrying about what it means if I'm a "blogger," or if I'd weird someone out by starting a conversation. So far only lovely things have come from both. 

All that said, a crazy dude tried to steal my camera while I took these photos today.