Friday, December 11, 2015


(Everything is vintage but the shoes. They're old Loeffer Randal.)

Right after I uploaded these photos I called the salon and booked a hair appointment. I haven't had a haircut in just over a year, partially because I hate getting my haircut but mostly because I don't really notice the state of my hair until someone points in out, but even I can see that it's getting out of control. When your locks are as wide and unruly as this ridiculous jacket's ridiculous sleeves, you know it's time to fix that shit. 

I don't know what I'll do with it yet- probably nothing but a trim. I know we can't blame our mothers for everything, but I swear, a childhood of forced Dorthy Hamills and mullet lites (that's what I call the hair I had from second to third grade. It wasn't quite long enough in the back to be a full blown Joe Dirt, but it wasn't quite not a mullet, either) has made me hesitant to ever changing my hair in a big way. I wish I weren't so scared, as I think it would be awesome to have pink hair, or a side shave with steps, or a mod bowl cut. How do you guys amp yourselves up to try something new? Do you just get drunk beforehand? Do you stop by your weekly fight club meeting? Do you bitch to your mom until she reminds you that bringing you into this world was much more painful than your haircut, so shut the fuck up already? I'm willing to try anything. 

Have a good weekend, dudes. 

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  1. Ok ok this coat is seriously FIERCE!! Love the texture and color for winter!


    Ashley || Sed Bona