Friday, December 4, 2015

Migraines and (Party) Monsters

Goorin Bros hat, Clyde's Rebirth necklace, vintage everything else

Because we are transitioning into a new season, my head has once again turned on me. Today is the first one this week I haven't been woken up by a migraine! Oof. And the thing that really gets me about migraines, is that on top of feeling like your head is trapped under a city bus, you can't even distract yourself from the pain, because all light and sound makes you want to barf. Of all the things I could have been afflicted with, migraines really are the worst for a television lover. I still look forward to getting the flu every few years or so just so I have a good excuse to lay on the couch and work through my "must binge" TV list. Plus, I get to lose five pounds without trying and boss my husband around without having to pretend to feel bad about it. The flu fucking rocks, man. 

Anyhow, I'm feeling better and am pumped to celebrate my best bud's birthday all weekend. Last night while talking to my mom, she was telling me about how she and my youngest brother had been discussing introversion and extroversion in an attempt to better understand themselves. They both hate large groups and have to practically be tied down to stay at a big event for longer than 15 minutes. I already knew this about them, but it was interesting to hear it from my mom first hand. It makes me wonder where my inner party monster comes from. Like, I've been looking forward to New Year's Eve since July. And Jill's party this weekend? I already have three outfits planned AND a sweet gettin' ready playlist to jam to while I attempt to apply eyeliner then wash off said eyeliner because I messed it up, then try to apply it again, mess it up again, then wash it off again and just decide to wear glasses. Good times! A life without parties and dinners out and getting into trouble sounds like an episode of How I Met Your Mother to me (that is: pedestrian and boring). But I am glad we're talking about these things, my family and me. It's easy to stop asking the people you've known forever about themselves, because obviously you should already know everything by now, right? People change, though, and one minute your mom is your mom and the next she's one of your best friends who hates going to the club and you're like, BUT WHY?! And then she tells you why and instead of half listening to your parent's personal matters the way you did in your twenties, you really listen, and sympathize, and understand.

I mean, I still think I was mixed up at birth, being the sole extrovert in this clan of Ron Swanson's and all, but I suppose it's helpful to have an understanding of one's captors. 

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