I grew up in Hoosier country, in a family of smartass antique hunters and do-it-yourselfers. While I'm going to take all the credit for my sparkling personality, it was they who instilled in me an appreciation of fine craftsmanship, whether it be in a piece of furniture, vintage dress, or a perfectly cooked burger (grass fed and bloody rare, please).

In 2008 I moved to Chicago with my then boyfriend, now husband. I love my adopted city, and it's unique combination of toughness and beauty keeps me on my toes and inspires me every day.

My personal style is influenced by 1990's to present day hip hop and the 1960's career woman. It's an eclectic mix, but I dig it.

When not out hunting for vintage, you'll find me running along the lake shore path with my dopey dog, Ramona, or sharing laughs and beer with pals in my adorable northside neighborhood.

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